Favorite Tune of the Day

Derrick White feat. Miguel Migs – Soul 2 Let Go

Definitely a nightlife groove. Miguel Migs and Naked Music have always made great music to groove to. This one my all time favorites.

Favorite Tune of the Day 

Ok Go! – White Knuckles 
Life has so many twist and turns. Ups and downs. Unquestionably there are those moments when it feels like the downs out way the good. As human beings we try to peek over the fence because the grass looks greener. Here’s a word or two of advice… stick to the grind because “Maybe it’s not so bad!”

Favorite Tune of the Day

Banda Dalai Lam – Ya tak Lublu

Doesn’t matter which language you speak or understand.  When the song is good you will listen!

Favorite Tune of the Day

Gaelle – Falling

Falling in love for the first time or the last time requires giving a little and hopefully getting a little bit of love!  Even if you keep falling in love.  That one love might surprise you with what you been waiting for!

Favorite Tune of the Day

Rae & Christian – Not Just Anybody feat. Kate Rogers (Atjazz Flugelhorn Remix)

When you’re searching because there’s a hole that needs to be filled.  This is the perfect melody to inspire yourself to let those walls down.  New experiences can be a compared to a new brand of wine that you’ve never tasted before.  The impression it marks you with can determine if you go back to it or try something different!